ACT 2 rendering will be reaching the finish line by weekend. The image below shows WIP renders. Passes and post processing remain. 2 mograph sequences remain in ACT 2 now. I am keeping all mograph sequences (including tv/ad screens) for the very end. 

I am working on the outlines. No textures/lighting yet, just the outlines.  Here is a quick test with different types of lines I can probably work with.

So as I am finalizing the story the official synopsis is still a week or two away. Basically, I just have to write things down. I have quite a bit of dumped work done already (storyboards, animatics, characters, props, you name it).

Meanwhile, I am also working on the overall look of the film. My inspirations are the video games – Borderlands & Dishonored. The primary reason is definitely the resources. Photo-realistic renders require way too much work and resources, without adding a whole lot to the film in terms of story. Second reason is to achieve seamless look between the graphic novel & the short film. It can’t be 100% but I will try.

Here is a quick render test.

This is one of the very first renders for the character lineup. Again, it’s old and many things have changed. New characters have taken over, others have been discontinued. The ‘horns’ being significant to the story remain though.