*ACT 3 is mostly done. A small sequence remains for animation.
*ACT 3 rendering is in progress. Although it’s a lengthy set of sequences, I hope I finish this on time.
*With ‘on time’ I mean the end of this month. Which is slightly ambitious given the resources.
*Moving on to the compositing, trailer and the press kit soon.
*If all goes alright, Schirkoa might get done within the first quarter of this year. Which will make Schirkoa’s production time to be 3 years. That isn’t too bad considering the magnitude of setbacks it has faced.
*Let’s hope for the bags.

Are we reaching the end? Well, may be.

Nicolas Titeux has come on board as the composer/sound designer for Schirkoa. He’s worked on several feature films (Machete, Dealer, Aurora), documentaries and animation short films (Last Ditch, A fox Tale, Settling), video game titles (Apple, Bethesda, Mobbles) and commercials (Thales, Veolia, Adidas). He recently finished Post Production for Fallout 4.  Nicolas works in every aspect of sound production, from sound recording to mix, through editing and sound design. 

ACT 1 and ACT 2 are going through the first pass of sound design and music simultaneously. 
ACT 3 is being rendered and animated right now. 

Let’s hope we finish soon!