This month is going to be very busy with personal life. So may not be able to update much here. But just to get things going in 2015, here are some shots that I had started to lay down for Blue District. Remember it’s the ‘bad’ part of town. You might see things in some alleys you wish you hadn’t.

I have been delaying blue district for a while. Part of it was the fear of the scale of things in the environment. Part of it was the amount of importance it holds to the story. The guttering neon, the shady characters, the skimpy prostitutes and ‘that’ bar with quirky bagheads. 

In Act 1, a cozy bar song reveals this sleaziest part of town. And you can somehow start to relate this with that warm corner where you can sob off the wives and bosses. 

In Act 3 though, things change.

I am slightly happy with the anticipation of things that are about to appear in Blue District in upcoming updates. Thanks to assets from Unity Store and Daz, I can finally forget to create every nut and bolt from scratch and focus on the story. I have laid out the basic map here, time to layout shots and populate things around! 

Oh yeah..2015 is also here. Well. 

It’s been a while. We’ve been working hard and there was nothing worthy of an update. Lots of boring troubleshooting. I have a couple of announcements for upcoming month but I will start with sharing the progress on the current sequence we are working on. It’s the rooftops from Act 2.