I have just finished an important environment. This one is crucial for the story. All I can say at the moment is – the third act’s catharsis begins right here.

In this artwork, 197A is preparing meeting minutes with his colleague. Apart from this meeting room there will be 2 more environments for the Office set.

Moving steady. More soon.

Another environment from Act 1. BAGHEAD197A will be walking past this alley. It will also be used for some shots in Act 3. Still got to touch up a little. Probably it needs some signboards and better lighting inside the houses. There is also a train crossing the bridge but it’s hardly visible right now. Will be more evident when it’s animated.

This environment comes in the beginning of the film. There will be some retro, futuristic nuances here and there in every environment. It could be props, music, sound, ambiance or architecture. At the moment, I would say above image is more or less there. The more subtle stuff only can be seen in a rendered sequence. Wiggly outlines have a lot to contribute when it comes to animated objects. And then there are television screens, posters, touch panels etc. As for the render itself, I would say non photo-realistic looking textures is where all the time went.