*ACT 3 is mostly done. A small sequence remains for animation.
*ACT 3 rendering is in progress. Although it’s a lengthy set of sequences, I hope I finish this on time.
*With ‘on time’ I mean the end of this month. Which is slightly ambitious given the resources.
*Moving on to the compositing, trailer and the press kit soon.
*If all goes alright, Schirkoa might get done within the first quarter of this year. Which will make Schirkoa’s production time to be 3 years. That isn’t too bad considering the magnitude of setbacks it has faced.
*Let’s hope for the bags.

Yes, finally.
*Animation work on Act 2 is at final stage. 
*The rendering is crawling slow though. Still at Act 1. Thanks to Blue District’s volumetric goodness..
*Re editing the first 2 acts. Just checking if there is any possibility of turning things around.