*Blue District will be finished soon.
*Act 2 primary animation is in progress and should be over by this month.
*Act 3 has begun. Lots of things remain in this act. Some shots have not been storyboarded, others are not fully working from story standpoint. But I am on it.

Here is a glimpse of blue district. The sequence is not yet rendered and is being polished at the moment.


Youtube Mirror :

Yes, finally.
*Animation work on Act 2 is at final stage. 
*The rendering is crawling slow though. Still at Act 1. Thanks to Blue District’s volumetric goodness..
*Re editing the first 2 acts. Just checking if there is any possibility of turning things around.

* The voice over has been recorded.

* I have finished the 3d animatics for Act1. It stands at around 4 mins. Yiming (my animator teammate) has started animation.

* I am working on Act 2 animatics right now.

*I can’t post the full animatics, but the picture above shows the wall of my room showcasing all 51 shots from Act 1