Schirkoa has been selected as the ‘Best of the Bests’ from the winners of 2016 monthly festivals by Around International Film Festival. Over the coming months it will be screened at Berlin (8th Dec), Amsterdam (7th Jan), Paris (21st Jan) & Barcelona (3rd February).


“An Independent event with major 4 live screenings for all Feature, Short, Documentary, Experimental, Music Videos, Animations and Student Films. Goal of Around Film Festival is to provide homes to group of film enthusiasts who are committed in creating spaces for film industry and devoted to spreading of the knowledge of the modern visual art form to all interested for all around the globe to present it all on one single platform. Monthly Festival’s library will has some very remarkable award winning films from across the globe.”

We had a wonderful time at Macao last week. Venetian Macao was full of grandeur and it really felt like the Mecca for Computer Graphics Community. We made so many good friends, explored some amazing technologies and attended some very insightful panels and talks. Not to mention the epic electronic theater with giant screen and thumping sound. Schirkoa felt incredible on that screen.

Thank you Shuzo, Victor, CAF Team, Ginger, the Abai and Asifa representatives from India, the Student Volunteers, and all the lovely artists we ran into.

Award Ceremony:



From left : Sharad Varma, Ishan Shukla & Yiming Limsiggraph6

All the winners


Schirkoa’s screening



Schirkoa will be screened at the 12th Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival on January 28, 2017 at the Cinerama Theatre (2100 4th Avenue, Seattle, WA). SFSFF is one of the most respected Sci-Fi & Fantasy film festivals on short subject and this is a great moment for Schirkoa. Tickets available here. And here is the screening schedule.


“The Science Fiction Fantasy Short Film Festival (SFFSFF), is an international genre film festival devoted to fantasy and science fiction cinema from across the globe. The SFFSFF takes place annually every winter in Seattle, Washington at the world-renowned Seattle Cinerama Theater. The festival brings together industry professionals in filmmaking and the genres of science fiction and fantasy to encourage and support new, creative additions to science fiction and fantasy cinema arts. The (SFFSFF) is a co-production of the EMP Museum and SIFF.”

Animation World Network (AWN) coverage:

“Schirkoa is a beautifully crafted 14-minute CG-animated short film that has been making the rounds this year”


Cartoon Brew’s list of top 33 contenders for the Oscars:

“Ishan Shukla’s Schirkoa is that rarest of birds, an independent CG short from India”


O GlOBO Brazil:

“The wave of animations that have discrimination as the theme is the result of consciousness and creative freedom in the hands of independent animators”


Havoc Point Italy :

“A dystopian short film with adult themes”


Rolling Stone Mexico coverage of Oaxaca Film Festival: