Production Diary 3 : 6 months deep

What an insane year it has been for the film. Equally divided into highly creative and technical aspects of the production. While a major chunk of the year was spent on paper, drafting and redrafting the original script several times, the second half was straight on 3d production spending long stretches of days/weeks in front of computer without break.

Meeting Minutes

It has been one of the toughest and most rewarding time we have had. Some major milestones were achieved, on time, despite a few unforeseen hurdles. But isn’t that the case with every passion project?

Employee of the year: Mr. 197A

Around 50 unique characters, 24 vehicles, 22 sets, 64 minutes of animatic and hundreds of props have been produced this year. Lot of plans, milestones, spreadsheets, render ques, errors and comps await Schirkoa’s production next year. A glimpse into some cool animated sequences is right around the corner. You all have a good one and stay tuned.

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