Screening at Eden Theater, The first cinema in the world

Schirkoa will be screened at Eden Theater the first ever public cinema in the world on 25th October at The Best of International Short Film Festival.

In a 5-day event, select short films that have already been awarded in top festivals from around the world in the past year will be screened. The program includes winners at Cannes, Oscars, the Goyas, Sundance, Clermont-Ferrand among others.

Since the start of its festival run in Sept 2016, Schirkoa has screened not only alongside some of the finest films of the year but also ‘at’ the best theaters of the world. But this one is the most special of all!


“Eden Theater was established in 1889.- The historic theater at La Ciotat is at 20 miles east of Marseille, France. Before Hollywood became the worldwide symbol of the movie industry, there was La Ciotat โ€“ a small, picturesque town on the Mediterranean that lays claim to being the birthplace of modern cinema.ย “

This Guardian article covers the history and renovation comprehensively.

Full Program Catalogue





  1. It’s too expensive to travel for a single screening. My Music composer and his partner live just around that town. They might be attending it ๐Ÿ™‚


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