Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival


Schirkoa will be screened at the 12th Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival on January 28, 2017 at the Cinerama Theatre (2100 4th Avenue, Seattle, WA). SFSFF is one of the most respected Sci-Fi & Fantasy film festivals on short subject and this is a great moment for Schirkoa. Tickets available here. And here is the screening schedule.


“The Science Fiction Fantasy Short Film Festival (SFFSFF), is an international genre film festival devoted to fantasy and science fiction cinema from across the globe. The SFFSFF takes place annually every winter in Seattle, Washington at the world-renowned Seattle Cinerama Theater. The festival brings together industry professionals in filmmaking and the genres of science fiction and fantasy to encourage and support new, creative additions to science fiction and fantasy cinema arts. The (SFFSFF) is a co-production of the EMP Museum and SIFF.”

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