KLIK! Amsterdam

We attended the KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival last week at Netherlands. The festival was packed with hundreds of film screenings, art events, workshops and fun activities. We spent most of the time in the theater watching brilliant animation on the giant screen at the EYE Film Museum.

This was my first time watching Schirkoa on a cinema screen, and it looked and sounded epic. I am quite proud of it. Some snippets from the event below:

1.Eye Film Instituteklik1_schirkoa

2. Filmmaker talkshow: My  Q&A session about Schirkoa.klik6_schirkoaklik5_schirkoa

3. Schirkoa’s screening. By the beginning of the show, we had a full house!klik2_schirkoa

4. Dan Meth had a really funny drawing panel. Check more of his works at https://danmeth.myportfolio.com/klik3_schirkoa

5. KLIK Cafe. It was fun place to hangout for the animators. klik4_schirkoa


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