Year 2

This month marks the end of 2nd year of production for Schirkoa. This year’s been a mixed bag. (I am tired of these puns myself now. Let’s hope they end with the film.)

This year, Schirkoa was truly born. Everything came along, and many of them sort of worked. I have surrendered to the fact that I will never truly get a creative flow. A consistent number of weeks (or even days) are never going to come. Will have to work in patches. Even good 5 minutes of work a day could be vital. Last 4 months just flew by. Moved to a new city, new job and settled family in. So unfortunately it was a short year for Schirkoa. 

So when’s is it coming? How much is done? 
It’s complicated. So much is done. And so much isn’t. It’s safe to say that Schirkoa is constantly expanding.

Oh and that guy in the image is a new character. He is now the 4th primary character of the film.

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