Tunnels & Neon lights

So I was trying to come up with this story for an animated short film. It was about this secret agent and how he spends his day. To push myself more I also started the production and developing assets for the film. In a year it had elements like modern espionage, corporate politics & extravagant chase scenes in exotic locations. But I kept changing it. My pace was slow as I was doing this after my day job. So while in train on the way to office, I would scribble a page in my diary everyday. Slowly developing the story. Seasons passed and though I was determined to finish the story I started, somehow I started hating all the previous versions.

One day on my way to the office train took a wrong turn in a dark tunnel. Being very early in the morning, I was the only passenger on board. Dark tunnels kept on flashing yellow light bulbs before my eyes for a few minutes. It was then, when I saw SCHIRKOA. A complete city made of weird blocks and enigmatic citizens. All of them were wearing bags. All of them looked like they were going to office. Imagine a whole city lit with neon lights and surrounded by baghead prostitutes. It was suffocatingly brilliant. That morning I lost my diary and all versions of my story in that tunnel.

I quit my job. And I quit that city. And the country.

Sometimes these bagheads come in my dreams. They might murder me if I don’t stop stalking the city of Schirkoa.

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